What our participants have to say about us

Reshma Rao

so-qLife before NLP was stressful, reactive, plagued by the feeling of insufficiency. Even though I’d heard about NLP from a friend, I wasn’t prepared for the profound and enlightening experience that truly is NLP. With every passing day I became more aware of the self and some of my discoveries were shocking even to me but resonated with so much honesty that I couldn’t deny these conflicts a resolution – a positive intention.
NLP has transformed this bumbling caterpillar into a Dragon. I am everything I need to be. I’m incharge of my results because I set the paper. I & not events have the power to make me happy. I choose to stay happy. My journey wouldn’t be complete without the amazing and extremely supportive batch mates and our trainer Nishith, his guidance, support and especially his patience was crucial in facilitating this enlightening experience.
I’m definitely going back for more, this TOTE is FOREVER open.sc-q

– Reshma Rao, Universal Trainer at Convergys


so-qIf you had a dream/goal and the world was coming to end – Imaginarium would still deliversc-q

– Brijraj Limbad, Senior Executive at JP Morgan

so-qIf I knew the impact of this event before, I would have been willing to pay INR 50,000 for 2 dayssc-q
– Akash Agarwal, Owner at Amul

Akash Agarwal

Varsha Agarwal

so-qAt most workshops like these you learn some things that you already knew about, some things that you don’t care about and some things that actually matter. Here everything matteredsc-q

– Varsha Agarwal, Product Manager, Next Education

so-qThis workshop made me remember why I choose my careersc-q

– Salmaan Mohammed, Manager, Tally solutions

Salman Mohammed

Hardika Khakhar

so-qAfter the first half an hour I felt at home, after 1 hour inspired and by the end of day 1 I just didn’t want to leave the place. By the end of 2nd day I felt free and ready to conquer the worldsc-q

– Hardika Khakhar

so-qLearning is not the word. I got the real experience of what I thought is not possiblesc-q

-Surbhi Jaipuria, Graphic Designer,
22feet Tribal WW

Surbhi Jaipuria

so-qI thought I was an introvert, but I think I spoke the most and wanted to speak more… and I can’t remember Nishith speaking at allsc-q

– Rajesh Agarwal

Reema Kukreja

so-qI felt as if I was part of Imaginarium the minute I had walked insc-q

– Reema Kukreja, QC Tech, Deluxe Digicaptions

so-qIf you want your dreams to come true, hire Imaginarium right nowsc-q

– Nitin Jaipuria, Event Specialist,
George P. Johnson

Nitin Jaipuria

Sumedhas Rajgopal

so-qTheir Passion for making a difference ignited my passion for my dreamssc-q

– Sumedhas Rajgopal, Co-founder at Nirvana Nomads

so-qImaginarium gave me more than I expected … and I came in with high expectationssc-q

– Himanshu Pant, Marketing Specialist at Innovative Travels

Himanshu Pant

Anusha Iyer

so-qImaginarium is THE place where everyone must be in…Nishith, there is no one like you and no one will be like you. As a student it has helped me realize that the secret of success lies in your thoughts and subconscious. Imaginarium helped me discover that and helped me achieve things I dint think I would be able to. See the path to a better me, you and us :)
Thank you so much The Imaginarium Team :Dsc-q

– Anusha Iyer, Student at Christ University

so-qThoroughly refreshing to experience NLP here. Rare to have a program where the audience is as involved as the trainer, and that takes a strong facilitator!sc-q

– Ravi Kiran, Trainer

Ravi Kiran

Navin Kumar

so-qI have done 3 NLP Programs with Imaginarium- Introduction to NLP,Practitioner and Master Practitioner (with Tristan Soames), and I say this without a doubt that ALL of them have been transformational. Through the workshops I was able to not only realize my own limiting behaviors and patterns but also discover ways tochange them by using many effective and powerful NLP frameworks, the simplest one being by just changing my self talk – The way I talk to myself or program myself. Knowing that I need to change and actually changing are two different things and that’s exactly where Nishith Shah’s continuous help and support through his coaching sessions have been invaluable. Thanks Nishith and Imaginarium for helping me in my journey of making the best version of me!sc-q

– Akshata Ravi, Trainer, Lodha Group

so-qThink better, think more clearly and make better decisions. Nishith- you’re the man. Truly, making this planet a better place to live in.sc-q

– Abhinav Anthony, Nirvana Nomads

Navin Kumar

so-qNLP is a powerful program. It gives you all the tools to make you aware of the all the resources available to us, now to access those resources when ever we need them, and how to magnify the results after accessing our powerful resources. Learning NLP requires a right trainer as suttle things can have both positive and negative effects. Nishith and his team are perfectly equipped to take an individual to a new threshold of efficiency. I heartly thank Imaginarium especially Nishith, Bhavana, Niyati for providing such a powerful and rich experiencesc-q

– Navin Kumar, Founder

so-qThe NLP practitioner course was wonderful..loads of learning in terms of being aware of myself, correcting my language and really taking on a positive approach!! The people i got to connect with were amazing..the passion and dedication..awe inspiring..!! thanks you guys!! :)sc-q

– Krithika Vidya

Krithika Vidya

so-qI was happy to be a participant in Be-unstoppable. It was really exciting and challenging. The unique idea of integrating NLP through outdoor adventure helped in better understanding of real challenges and mental blocks which come in my personal and professional life and slows down progress/achievement. Be-unstoppable helped me to realize nothing can stop me in achieving what I want. Thank you team Imaginarium for coming out with such a challenging and realistic training program and I wish you all the best.sc-q

– Mohamed, Entrepreneur

Seema Hegde

so-qI am delighted to have attended Introduction to NLP workshop conducted by Imaginarium. The entire program has made me aware of so many of my own small actions, positive and negative, which I have to work upon. The workshop focuses on every participant and each and every aspect of life be it professional or personal, involves learning some simple techniques to understand human behavior and thought process and to make best use of it. Brilliantly conducted by Imaginarium. Kudos to the team !!!sc-q

– Seema Hegde, PMO – Service Reporting at IBM Global Business Services

so-qIntro to NLP workshop from Imaginarium was really worth attending.The group is fun to be with. They helped me work on my beliefs and also made me aware of myself, my thoughts & behavior. My Learning from NLP has surely helped me make my training more effective. My best wishes to the team and I look forward for more such programs.sc-q

Afreen – Trainer at TransGenez Solutions & Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Supriya Uday

so-qNLP is still a new field in India. And a comprehensive introduction which also gives hands on experience, gives a better insight. And this is exactly what Imaginarium offers in this workshop. Apart from many personal benefits, NLP has helped me change lives of those around me, which gives me immense satisfaction. I wish the team all the success and breakthroughs in transforming many more lives!sc-q

– Supriya Uday, Management Student at Christ University