Sales Transformation program

Sales Transformation Program

Double your sales in six months

Sales Transformation Program is powerfully designed to do just one thing – Massively improve your sales and profits.

Ups and Downs are part of any organization. Yet, have you ever felt giving up because, no matter how strong your team is and great your product/service is, you still end up missing your goals? Have you ever felt restricted and helpless for the lack of resources? Not able to execute amazing ideas and plans because of not having enough profits.

In India, 95% of start-ups or small organizations fail to take off, not because they don’t have unique ideas or innovative products, it’s because lack of ability to generate sufficient revenue to sustain and grow.

The biggest challenges that an organization faces are the ability to sell, generate profit. How to generate leads? And how to effectively convert them to create massive profits

Over the last couple of years by helping organizations and business leaders improve massively at sales, Imaginarium has become leading organization in psychology of sales and breakthrough performance. Using cutting edge strategies from NLP, you can also experience this powerful program to drastically improve your growth.

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Benefits of the program

  • We will work with you to produce specific and measurable results
  • Breakthrough sessions that will cover all round aspects of sales and marketing
  • Create ultimate edge over competition by finding your uniqueness and strength
  • Create ways to partner with us to produce extraordinary results no matter whether you are bootstrapping or have an investment
  • Ignite unreasonable passion in yourself and your team about your vision, product/service and sales.

How this will work?

This program can span over the course of one month, three months or six months depending on your outcomes and desired results. The program will contain four group sessions, an individual session with each of your team member followed by one day training program each month. The sessions are designed to understand your business strength, key strategies that will integrate into your working culture.

  • Start with assessment. Understand strength and weakness of your team as well as individual members.
  • Four breakthrough sessions a month followed by one day intense sales training. These sessions are designed to cover all round aspect of sales including generating leads, creating powerful sales pitch, improving performance, implementing cutting edge sales strategies and much more.
  • Individual sessions every month to ensure all your the learning from breakthrough sessions and training gets wired into their system.
  • Extensive feedback and report at the end of each month for continuous growth and improvement.