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Introduction to NLP

A 2 day program designed to help you achieve
Breakthrough results while mastering the cutting
Edge art of NLP

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NLP at Sales

Because of the breathtaking results this program has achieved

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NLP Practitioner with Nishith Shah

8-day internationally certified NLP Practitioner program with NLP Trainer Nishith Shah (India)

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Be Unstoppable

Fulfilling retreat with NLP & Adventure sports
You will come back being a different person.

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Coaching programs

1-on-1 Breakthrough sessions

A personal breakthrough session focused at
creating powerful change at specific areas
in your life

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Coaching Programs

one, three & six months coaching programs to
more useful when you wish to create success
for longer projects & goals.

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Coaching Mastery

A year long program designed to master the art
of coaching by being extremely skilled at
making changes in others with NLP

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Sales Transformation

Best of start-ups and small organizations.
Increase your revenues with a complete sales
transformation program for your company

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Retreat in Goa – NLP Intensive with Tristan Soames

8 days of intense internationally certified NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner with Master
Trainer of NLP Tristan Soames

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