Our Story

Who we are

Imaginarium is one of the first few organizations in India to deliver the highest standards of NLP Training and Coaching Programs. Started in 2009 by Nishith Shah with an aim to create life-changing and transformative experiences for individuals and organizations to help them achieve breakthrough results by helping them discover their true potential.

Our Belief

How is it that few people in the world are able to be successful and not the others?

Martin Luther King was not the first person who suffered before the civil movement. There were many others who had suffered far worse than Martin Luther King. Many others wanted to bring in change just as he did. In fact, others had better ideas and resources to make a change. Yet, in the end, it was Martin Luther King who made significant impact during the civil movement. How did that happen?

How is Apple more successful at innovation and has higher market share than their competitors? All of its competitors, if not more, have the access to same talent, resources, money, investors, etc. Yet, Apple develops revolutionary products while others still lag behind. Have you ever wondered, how?

The answer lies within.

It is about making those small shifts in the way you think that makes a difference. We have been committed to help hundreds of people discover and explore their best self by making these small shifts and eventually leading them to be fully in charge of their life and results. 

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