NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner Program – With Nishith Shah

This is a 8-day intensive program designed for you to master the art of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and how it can bring a powerful change in your life.

It is about getting detailed insight into NLP – the study of excellence. From these insights you will learn to effectively use tried and tested principles and some of the most powerful techniques of NLP for achieving excellence in every area of your life. Completion of the program in itself, will give you much deeper understanding about NLP, you will learn ‘how you can powerfully communicate with self and others’ and you will definitely have a life changing experience.

During the course of the program, you will learn about the basic principles of NLP and the essence of NLP – Modelling. Learning about Modelling will give you freedom to have greater flexibilty in life, postive outlook towards life and a new way of living to fulfill all your inhibitions and dreams.

 You will learn about real-life applications of NLP and also get an opportunity to practice those skills in real-time, and receive active feedback. In addition, we believe learning NLP is not only about these 8 days of training but applying the learning in the real world to achieve results.; just the feel good factor is not enough. For this, you will receive ongoing support with personal coaching from our excellent team of coaches for the next 3 months.

At the end, learning about NLP is learning about you, changing unwanted habits and behaviours and installing useful ones. It is about achieving your dreams and making a difference. With NLP, you will get an opportunity to discover your true potential and it will also push you out of your comfort zone so you can achieve all that you want in life and be the person you want to be.

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What will you learn?

Explore the structure of language
The way we use our language is one of the important factors that decides the experiences we create for ourselves. At the program, you will learn how to construct your language to get the results you want. You also learn to influence and persuade others through hypnotic language patterns.

How you create your experience
We live life through a series of experiences. You will understand how you create your experiences, thoughts and habits. Eventually, you will naturally shift the way you experience life and always have an empowering and positive outlook towards life.

Be in alignment with your deepest values and purpose
Explore different ways to create powerful inner resources, values and purpose. You will also learn to create goals and outcomes in life that are fully in alignment with your true self and help you reach your highest potential.

Understand how you organize your thoughts & memories
In order to plan for your future, learn from your past and achieve results in present, you have a specific way of organizing your thoughts and memories. You will learn to organize your thoughts and memories in a way that produces extraordinary results.

Various ways of communicating and relating with self and others
Communication is one of the most important skills that you can master. At the program, you will learn and understand various levels of verbal and non-verbal communication to influence others at an unconscious level.

Training with Fun and Humour
Our lead trainer, Nishith Shah – has experience in the field of NLP for more than 5 years with multiple international certifications that provide him with unique perspective to create instant breakthroughs. You will have exceptional training experience with him as you will notice elevated levels of humour and fun during the program.

Your skills as certified NLP Practitioner

As a certified NLP Practitioner, you will see life differently and with a new found clarity. Given that this program is backed by Sue Knight India, you can be sure that you will achieve highest standards of learning. This program will not only make you extremely skilled at various models of NLP but also enable you to fully connect with your inner resources and actively design your future that is fully in alignment with your deepest values This comprehensive 8-day certified program has benefited people from all walks of life including coaches, sales professionals, CEO, entrepreneurs, therapists, teachers, trainers, executives, housewives and many more.

Outcomes of the program …

  • Radical paradigm-shift in the way you think, act and live your life.
  • Learn to create lasting change in yourself and others.
  • Discover your personal freedom & True potential
  • Create different ways to be more effective & Productive
  • Create committed and successful relationships
  • Identify strategies behind motivation & learn to elicit motivation state at any point in time.
  • Create an environment of continuous learning, growth & success
  • Always be in resourceful states
  • Learn to respect others way of being and their model of the world in any circumstances.
  • Develop trust based instant connection with anyone at point in time.
  • Create empowering habits & behaviors that support your journey to success.
  • Learn NLP as the process of modelling to create on-going learning system through continuous feedback loop.
  • Learn how to create instant breakthroughs for yourself as well as others.

so-qI thought I was an introvert, but I think I spoke the most and wanted to speak more…. and I can’t remember Nishith speaking at allsc-q- Rajesh Agarwal

Benefits included when registering with us

  • You will have a coach working with you continuously to help you constantly get breakthrough and improve your skills with NLP even after the program is over.
  • Review the program as many times as you like for FREE (You only have to bear your expenses)
  • Be part of our online forums and practice group for continuous learning and ongoing support

What will you get

  • 8 days of intense training experience
  • 30-day membership to Coaching Club
  • Breakthrough sessions from Master Trainers of NLP from UK and Australia
  • NLP kit with resources from the training including recorded videos for quick revision
  • Practical NLP Workbook, coaching assignments and much more
  • Internationally recognized certificate at the successful completion of the program

When is it?

21 – 27 Apr, 2018

07 – 13 Apr, 2018

How Much?

INR 45,000 + Tax
INR 5000 off – if registered before 10th Mar, 2018 (For Mumbai Program)

To Register Please fill up the registration form. *Part Payment option available. Call us for more details

This practitioner program is special to us in many ways as it will create exciting and unique learning experience for everyone. Hence, we only have limited seats available for the program to make sure each participants get maximum value out of the program. Usually, the registration for our practitioner program gets over quickly, so I would suggest you to register as soon as possible.