Nishith Shah


Nishith Shah


Nishith has dedicated more than 6 years of his life developing NLP Experiences for Individual and Organizations. Having started early, he became NLP Practitioner at the age of 17. He has also accomplished the feat of being one of the youngest NLP Trainer in India by successfully completing NLP Trainers program with Master Trainer of NLP and Author of ‘NLP at Work’, Sue Knight.


As his everlasting commitment towards developing quality NLP coaches in India, he is the first NLP Trainer to start NLP based coaching initiative, Coaching Club, in Bangalore.

“Nishith has a natural ability to bring tremendous amount of fun and humour in training. With his unique style of training you will have out of the box experience of everything you learn. “

Nishith is proactively involved in development of NLP culture in India by creating and delivering highest standards of NLP programs. To do this he constantly collaborates with highly acclaimed and experienced international master trainers and trainers of NLP around the world.

So far, he has helped hundreds of people master the art of NLP and accomplish extraordinary results. He is also responsible for development of new trainers and coaches through various new initiatives.

To support his passion for entrepreneurship, he has also worked with lots of start-ups and helped them create sustainability that creates greater impact and produces massive results.

so-qNishith practices what he preaches. He leads by example. Coaching is an art which he has masteredsc-q


Jagmohan D, Teacher


Babita Jain

so-qI m so impressed because i was not quite sure how he can give life changing experiences, being so young n unmarried ;)
I must say he is dynamic n powerful !
He is sensitive to each delegate n humble toosc-q

– Babita Jain, Trainer Spellofun and Brainobrain