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Going Nowhere .. to find happiness!!


Where do you find happiness? What needs to happen for you to be happy?

To research how one can find true happiness, a psychiatrist went around the world. In his quest to find what truly makes people happy, he met a Tibetan Monk in the Himalayas.

The monk decided to share his story with the psychiatrist. After hearing the story, the psychiatrist asked, “You went through so much in life; you lost your family, your friends and now you stay in a hut away from all the pleasures of life how are you still happy?”

Monk Replied, “It’s because I went through so much in life and I am still here.”

It’s funny because if we asked others what happiness means to them, most  would say “When I hit my goals, I will be happy” or “When I start moving towards my outcomes, I will be happy” or “When I make X amount of money or have a certain kind of lifestyle, I will be happy.

It’s quite ironic, because when I asked someone who provides medical aid for kids in war-torn nations, they said “Money doesn’t matter here. It’s getting through the day without any threats that makes people happy”

There’s also happiness in chasing your perfect house or chasing that promotion. Only when you reach where you want to reach, you will be happy. And there is always reaching somewhere.

First, it’s about good grades in school and once we get them, we said we would be happy. But then, getting into an Ivy League college became very important -Because as soon as that happens, we will be happy. And then there’s getting a great job – Because when we get a great job, life is set and we will be happy. We are always chasing something or the other to be happy.

Think about it. What are you chasing? Where do you NEED to get to be happy?

What if we didn’t have to chase things? What If we didn’t have to go somewhere all the time? What if you could find happiness in going nowhere? Being still and being absolutely comfortable with who you are and wherever you are right now.

Remember that childhood moment when happiness was a state of mind. When everything around you was just right. When you weren’t chasing anything … and that’s when you felt perfectly comfortable with yourself. When you were truly happy and shining.

And so, for a moment just become still. Stop all your thoughts and forget about all your goals. Just be there and be comfortable with it. What is your experience like?

Because that’s a great step in developing true happiness. You don’t need to do anything or go somewhere to find happiness. Because wherever you are right now and whatever you are doing? It’s the best place to be at. Because, as humans your natural state is of happiness. We are inclined to have it no matter what.

And from where you are at … being truly happy right now … you can rise and shine.

“Real happiness is realizing that you already are happy without the things you thought you needed to get happy”

By Nishith Shah

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