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Upcoming Programs …


NLP Foundation

Date: 10th & 11th Mar 2018

Date:  7th & 8th Apr 2018


NLP  Program

30 Days Impossible Goal ( 30 days Online Program )
Date: 2018

Mumbai ( Practitioner Program )
Date: 7th – 13th Apr, 2018

Bangalore ( Practitioner Program )
Date: 21th – 27th Apr, 2018

Master Practitioner Program-Bangalore 
Date: 2018

NLP Intensive Program

NLP at the Himalayas
Date:  07th – 19th July, 2018

NLP Goa Retreat
Date: 2018

NLP Thailand
Date:  Mar, 2018


— What is NLP? —

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP is considered as one of the most important breakthrough in the science of human mind and communication. NLP is a simple way of understanding ‘How you organize your thoughts, feelings, internal states, behavior and physiology to produce the results you do’. In simple terms NLP can be defined as Science of Excellence.



— The NLP Breakthrough —

Since the last couple of decades, NLP has helped transform lives of millions of people, be it professional or personal life. Know more about how NLP can specifically help you